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BRAUN PERFECT Ready to use 800mAh AAA, 4 batteries in blister pa


BRAUN PERFECT 800mAh "Ready to use" rechargable batteries:

“READY TO USE” batteries haveanother metal hydrid and a betterseparator to reduce their self-dischargeto 20% per year approximately.Contrary to common NiMH batteries,“ready to use” batteries are fullyrecharged when being bought and can therefore be immediately used.Thanks to their low self-discharge, it is possible to use “ready touse” batteries immediately even after a longer storage time of about6 months to 1 year. Digital cameras equipped with such batteries allowto take much more pictures, even if the capacity of these “readyto use” batteries is inferior by 20%. That’s, however, no problem becausethe low self-discharge compensates the lower capacity after ashort storage time only.


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