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KAUBER Econo wall/ ceiling screen 152x152 cm

102.55€ 87.17€

KAUBER Econo wall/ ceiling screens:

Easy Use wall is a manual wall / ceiling screen series. Exact Easy Use (simple for use) is why this series is the screen as required by the rest of the screen in the middle. Matt White material, and the black edges make this screen ideal for presentations. A classic white metal body is a standard brand of Wall / Ceiling mounted screen in the middle.
Key features:
Viewing angle: 150 °
Reflection coefficient: Gain 1.0, made after a three-layer technology, black back, 450 g/m2, 0:50 mm thin.
Material: Matt White
Protection: Flameproof
Case: Durable and easy to install aluminum
Mechanism: a multi-lock
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