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Braun Cinemobil DeLuxe portable screen 200x150 cm


BRAUN Cine mobil DeLuxe
The BRAUN Cine mobil DeLuxe Screen is the perfectsolution for flexible presentations, for privateor business journeys, ready for projection at anytime and instantly assembled without any tools.

Product description:
• The projection surface is integrated into thecase
• Easy-set-up - just pull the projection screenout of the case in two easy steps
• The scissor mechanism ensures optimalscreen uniformity
• The sturdy aluminium casing protects thescreen from dust and damage duringtransportation
• Black border for clean edges; the imageappears clearer in terms of contrast
• Space-saving storage

Product details:
• Screen surface on fabric base , matte white,according to DIN 19045, type D
• Light proof black reverse of the screen surface
• Height adjustable
• Gain factor: 1.2
• Material thickness: approx. 0,35 mm
• Weight: approx. 600 g/m2
• Fold-out legs for a secure stand
• Transport lock protects against unintended

For more information, please visit this products webpage.