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AVer AP20 interactive pen

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AP20 interactive pen

The AP20 is an interactive pen, enabling learning collaboration by combining the best of parts of interactive whiteboards and wireless slates. AP20 can be used anywhere in the classroom, on almost any surface, with no calibration necessary. Plus, up to one AP20 Teacher Pen and six AP20 Student Pens can simultaneously annotate on the same screen. The AP20 Teacher Pen can be used as a presentation device as well as a writing tool, giving teachers control over the Student Pens, while the Student Pens allow pupils to work individually or in groups to solve problems, share ideas and interact with the teacher.

Technical specification:
Teacher Pen: blue & grey
Student Pen: orange & white
Every AP20 interactive pen employs a dedicated 2.4GHz RF wireless connection to the computer through a USB dongle.
Dongle bandwidth: Up to 101 pens (1 Teacher Pen and 100 Student Pens)
Reception range: 15 m
Imaging technology: proprietary optical sensor
Navigation technology : AVer proprietary v2
Power switch: yes
Power source: Teacher Pen uses rechargeable AAA battery x 1 ; Student Pen uses Alkaline AAA battery x 1
Battery time: Teacher Pen takes 4 hours to be fully charged (8 days of typical daily usage per charge) ; Student Pen can sustain 30 days of typical daily usage
Charging options: micro USB port to computer or wall-mounted USB power adapter (Teacher Pen only)
Dimensions (W x L x D): 22 x 151 x 25 mm
Net weight: 45g
Software: A+ Interactive Software 2 (backward compatible with A+ Interactive Software 1.7)
Certifications FCC and IEC (USA), CE and IEC (EU), BSMI and NCC (TW)

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